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Life & Style · 28. May 2018
As a follow up to my recent blog on the Safety Razor I thought it worthwhile to conduct a product review on the Baxter of California brand Double Edged Safety Razor. Baxter supply a good range of quality men's grooming supplies, and I have recently purchased the above-mentioned razor myself.

Life & Style · 16. May 2018
I recently came across this program - the MANifesto. I sincerely recommend it!

Life & Style · 10. May 2018
Reading. We do it every day, and man has been reading since time immemorial. The way in which we read however has changed dramatically.

Life & Style · 09. May 2018
Shaving. All men have some experience, and for a good number it is a daily ritual. Men have been shaving for centuries, and it is only in the past few decades that the service has not been done with a simple single razor blade, with plenty of people eschewing that for the cartridge razor for safety and convenience.