Life & Style · 28. May 2018
As a follow up to my recent blog on the Safety Razor I thought it worthwhile to conduct a product review on the Baxter of California brand Double Edged Safety Razor. Baxter supply a good range of quality men's grooming supplies, and I have recently purchased the above-mentioned razor myself.

Values · 28. May 2018
The discussion around creation vs. consumption has been had fairly regularly in recent years, and for good reason. Society today is geared towards ease of consumption. Bored? Open Facebook, scroll away an hour. Hungry? Uber Eats. Want to relax after a long day? Fire up a movie!

Life & Style · 16. May 2018
I recently came across this program - the MANifesto. I sincerely recommend it!

Life & Style · 10. May 2018
Reading. We do it every day, and man has been reading since time immemorial. The way in which we read however has changed dramatically.

Life & Style · 09. May 2018
Shaving. All men have some experience, and for a good number it is a daily ritual. Men have been shaving for centuries, and it is only in the past few decades that the service has not been done with a simple single razor blade, with plenty of people eschewing that for the cartridge razor for safety and convenience.

The Gentleman's Study · 09. May 2018
Every gentleman needs a study. I believe the need for a space of their own to relax, work, better themselves or read in is innate in every man. Somewhere to retire to. Somewhere we have control over, a private haven.

Whisky & Wine · 09. May 2018
The hip flask. Very few gentlemen's accessories have such a storied history or elicit such strong opinions as this little gem.

Values · 07. May 2018
What is a Gentleman? This is a question that promotes discussion in any circle of life.
Introduction · 07. May 2018
In this fast paced and digitally obsessed world, modern men seem to be getting further away from the ideals of a gentleman in the old-fashioned sense. Consumerism, instant gratification and celeb-worshiping fill our daily news digest. Then, there are people like us. Men who yearn for the old school. Men who respect the values of their great-grandfathers, and would rather sit in a well worn chesterfield sofa reading an improving book with soft jazz playing and a glass of whisky and a soda siphon...