Product Review - Baxter Safety Razor

As a follow up to my recent blog on the Safety Razor I thought it worthwhile to conduct a product review on the Baxter of California brand Double Edged Safety Razor. Baxter supply a good range of quality men's grooming supplies, and I have recently purchased the above-mentioned razor myself.


First Impressions:


The packaging is great quality, the kind that you can keep the razor in as its storage spot long term, with dense foam surrounding the unit.  The Chrome plating gives a really nice shine and should provide longevity as well. Picking the razor up it has a good weight - heavy enough to not have to  use downwards pressure when you shave but not so heavy as to feel unwieldy.  The handle is pleasantly textured and nice to hold, although I do prefer a timber handle myself as I find they get less slippery when they are wet and soapy.


The Shave:


I set the razor up using the Derby Extra blades that come with it.  It is a little fiddly to set the blade for the first time but you soon get used to it - just don't touch the cutting edge!  When you tighten the razor it puts what I find to be an excellent angle on the blade.  The razor did not clog much at all, which is nice, and the cut was smooth with not pulling or nicking.  The weight is excellent as mentioned earlier - you don't need any pressure from your hand for this one.  The chrome handle does get more slippery than a timber one but it is easier care so these things balance out.  I achieve a very smooth shave with this razor - so good actually my wife notices when I use it!




This is a good razor for a fair price.  You can get better but you can certainly get worse.  I think it is an excellent choice for someone wanting to give a Safety Razor a try for the first time - if you start with good quality you will get better results right from the start.

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