The Gentleman's Study

Every gentleman needs a study.


I believe the need for a space of their own to relax, work, better themselves or read in is innate in every man.  Somewhere to retire to. Somewhere we have control over, a private haven.


In recent times, men have been creating 'man caves' for themselves.  Huge TV's, low sofas, beer kegs and sound systems.  This is not for us, not for the gentleman.  A crass space dedicated to consumption not creation, to entertainment not education.  No, a gentleman must have a study.


How one decorates a study is a matter of personal choice.  I personally adore the traditional look - paneled walls, oak or mahogany furniture, full wall bookcases, dim lighting and chesterfield sofas. If, however you prefer mid-century modern or minimalist Scandinavian style that is entirely up to you - the study is a reflection of who you are, not what other people want you to be and certainly not a showcase for latest trends. You may decide that your study is to showcase your collection of antique maps, or maybe it will be your private bar, where your good friends gather for an after-dinner port.  It may have a library, it may have a bed.  That is the beauty of a study - there is no fixed formula to dictate what is right or wrong.


A study should facilitate and encourage the gentlemanly principle of continuous improvement.  As mentioned above, mindless consumption should have no place in a gentleman's study.  Books, improving books, yes. A writing desk, yes.  A space for a computer? Probably in this day and age, but I would stick with the writing desk. Bear in mind that true relaxation comes not from instant gratification but from self improvement and creation.


Please tell us about your study (or your dreams for a study) in the comments below!


Andrew Wilberforce





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