The Traditional Gentleman

An Introduction

In this fast paced and digitally obsessed world, modern men seem to be getting further away from the ideals of a gentleman in the old-fashioned sense. Consumerism, instant gratification and celeb-worshiping fill our daily news digest.  Then, there are people like us. Men who yearn for the old school. Men who respect the values of their great-grandfathers, and would rather sit in a well worn chesterfield sofa reading an improving book with soft jazz playing and a glass of whisky and a soda siphon at their elbow, than wasting away their life on Facebook and gaming.  If you are one of these, welcome home.  Pull up a chair, and let us delve together into the ideals, way of life and values of the traditional gentleman.


The object of this blog is to inform, guide and entertain men who wish to form their life according to the traditional values a gentleman holds dear. Life slows slightly as we discuss how a gentleman unwinds.  We review some products to truly find out if they are worthy to grace our studies. Conversation is stimulated as we discuss values. Strong opinions are aired, discussion is had.


You won't find us on Facebook or Twitter. The noise of the shallow modern world is too great there. Here is our sanctum.  Our retreat, our log fire under portraits of our ancestors. Welcome again, dear sir.


Throughout this website and blog you will find reviews of products and links to sites you can buy items that we approve of.  Sometimes, we will make a small commission (at no cost to yourself) if you use the link we provide and decide to purchase.  We do appreciate it if you use these links as it helps us maintain this site and to continue to strive to disseminate the values we hold dear, to inform about the products a gentleman needs and discuss salient points such as the etiquette of using a hip flask...